TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy With Controller & Battery Charger

TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy Features

RadioShack Electronic Speed Control (ESC) for the TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy.


  • Electronic speed control (ESC) for the TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy
  • Built-in throttle trim and reverse functions
  • 2-amp fuse protects ESC circuitry from overload


  • Input voltage: 6V – 7.2V NiCd or NiMH battery pack
  • Output: 6A max continuous current (instantaneous peak current of 75A)

What is Tsauro Z RC Racing Buggy?

TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy

The TSAURO-Z is the ultimate off-road R/C racing buggy. It’s rock solid and super fast, with room for both NiMH and NiCd batteries. As soon as you pull it out of the box, you’ll know it’s a little different than other R/C cars. The space frame chassis and oil filled shocks give this car rigidity, making it capable of handling the roughest terrain. This is not a toy you buy for your child to keep them busy for a few hours; this is a hobby-level model that will challenge you to become a better driver!

This is a Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy. It has a 27 MHz AM transmitter and a receiver built into the car. The battery is charged via the controller, with a small plug mounted on the left side of the buggy. The motor is gear driven to the rear wheels, and it has coil spring suspension.

R/C Car manual – 63-436

Tsauro Z owner's manual

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Tsauro Z RC Variations

The TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy is an RC car manufactured by RadioShack. The vehicle’s name is a portmanteau of the words “tarantula” and “dinosaur.”

The TSAURO-Z comes in two variants: the standard body version and the “Indy” variant.

TSAURO-Z was a Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy that was produced between 1988 and 1989.

The TSAURO-Z was a remote-controlled 1:12 scale racing buggy that originally retailed for $99.99. It came in two colors, orange and black, and was controlled by a 2 stick radio controller with a trim adjustment.

Tsauro Z RC Reviews

I have been on the hunt for a radio-controlled car for my son for the past month. I purchased this car for him for Christmas. This car was difficult to find in stock at any of my local stores and online. So, I took a gamble and ordered it from Amazon. I ordered it on December 19th and it arrived on December 23rd. That’s fast shipping!

I opened the box and found almost everything that was needed to get this car up and running. You will need to provide 8 AA batteries (4 for the controller and 4 for the car). The assembly was easy enough. The car only needed to be charged and then you were off!

The car is very fun to play with. It has two speeds, low and high (located on the top of the controller). It also has a forward/reverse function located on the bottom of the controller. The steering wheel turns left/right as well as up/down which will allow you to do flip tricks with a simple push of a button on the steering wheel. Also, if you crash hard enough, a bumper will pop out of the front of the car so that you don’t damage your vehicle.

The Tandy TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy was a cheap toy racing buggy released in the late 80’s. It was based on the popular Tamiya Hotshot that was released in 1985, and featured similar styling and suspension design.

The TSAURO-Z is a 2WD buggy with a rear motor driving the rear axle through a gearbox, forward only speed controller and a standard AM transmitter with two stick control (left/right and throttle). The chassis was made out of plastic, which is unusual for a toy of this type, as it was often made out of metal. The chassis is quite flexible and will bend easily if you run into curbs whilst doing jumps or landings at high speeds.

The suspension used coil springs over oil filled shock absorbers which were very common on the plastic bodied RC cars of the era. The wheels were made out of plastic with rubber tires bonded to them. The tires were glued to the rim using rubber cement, so they are not easily removable without destroying them.

What is a vintage TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy and what is it worth?

The TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy was manufactured by Tandy in 1988. It was a radio controlled car that could run on flat surfaces such as carpet, tile or concrete. The car was powered by four “AA” batteries and had a range of up to 30 feet with two channels. The car itself was plastic and had a top speed of around 12 mph.

The price of vintage TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy will depend on the condition of the item, where sold, when sold and if the item is still functional.

Vintage TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy Price Information:

Vintage TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy $25-$30

What are some of the features of the vintage TSAURO-Z Radio Shack R/C Racing Buggy?

TSAURO-Z RadioShack R/C Racing Buggy is a radio control racing car, manufactured by the American company Hobby Products International.

TSAURO-Z RadioShack R/C Racing Buggy was the third and probably last release of the R/C cars line produced by Hobby Products International for Radio Shack under the name of TSAURO in 1989. It was a high performance remote control model racing buggy that came complete with a rechargeable battery pack, battery charger and controller. The buggy was built from a one-piece blow molded polypropylene body shell, which provided some rigidity to its lightweight chassis. The body shell could be easily removed to allow access to the receiver, speed controller, and servo units.

Where can I buy parts for the TSAURO-Z and TSAURO-X?